Scrapbook Convention, Brisbane 7-10 June

2 May

AZZA Pacific will again have our stand at the Scrapbook Convention In Brisbane 7-10 June.  Make sure you call in and see what we have.  Our features for the show will be the new releases for June, so make sure you get to see them!  They are fabulous.  Rachel, Robyn, Kay, Sandra and Geni will also be there so make sure you call in.

SBC flyer.jpg

Since my last post I have been able to finally get some scrapping done.  Here is one using the AZZA OBJECTIVE stencil.  When the ‘Lily Fishing’ stamp came last year I couldn’t wait to get the photos to use it – I knew it was just so like grand-daughter Emily, so this one is called Emily Fishing.

Emily Fishing.jpg

The other page/s to show you is a multiple series using the April stencil, Alizé.  I also used the AZZA Alizé texture stencil with ink and chalk to create the interesting design for the decoration.  The series starts with a page showing ‘getting there’, then a ‘title page’, followed by a single and a double page.


Here’s the ‘title page’ …………………..


Here’s the double page closed ……………..01011119.jpg

The left side when the double page is opened ……………………


The right side (inside) when the double page opened ……………….01011120.jpg

Check out the full series when you come for a class.

Have photos like these?  If you need help to make this layout, contact me (

Cheers.  Anita


2 Feb

My craft room is now set up in beautiful Maleny and I am looking forward to meeting all the contacts from this area that I have met at the Scrapbook Convention in Brisbane, as well as making new scrapping friends.  This has always been an area with very active scrapbookers and the style of an AZZA page is something unique.

Those new to the Azza Style will start off with 2 introductory classes.  The first shows the ins and outs of page layout – how to arrange your photos on the page to best effect, and to show your photos to their full advantage.  The second class begins your decoration journey, where you discover why certain arrangements and colours look better than others.

We then progress to refining your techniques and introducing you to the marvels of chalks and inks.  What a difference a small application can make to the overall effectiveness of the page!

Experienced scrappers may wish to blunge into the deep end and begin straight off with a more advanced class.  Just tell me your needs and we’ll get you started.

To begin our journey together, I am canvassing the best times and days of the week to suit those in the local area.  I am proposing a Tuesday and a Thursday class for those available during the week, as well as a Saturday class.  Contact me by phone (0416 091 108) or by email (  Check the dates of classes on the right side of this website.

I have been having some fun with the latest stencil, MARINE, which was released on 1st February.  With back-to-school happening, it was a good opportunity to celebrate the first day in Prep of Grandson Jack.

This stencil duo contains a layout stencil and a tool stencil.  You can see on my ‘work-in-progress’ (still taped together) where I have used the tool stencil to shade the ink on the page.  This is an effective technique.  The page I am using is one of the new die-cut double pages specifically designed to work with the Marine stencil.  SBZDdmxeSKiiwQaw3TkXjw_thumb_7a60

You can see the completed work when you come to a class in Maleny!

If you are unable to attend a class but would like more information about AZZA products or techniques, just phone or email me and I will be pleased to help.

Here’s the MARINE stencil.GAB732

I look forward to meeting you all in Maleny!

Special Class in Mudgeeraba

30 Mar

Those who have seen the page below have marvelled at its construction and expressed a desire to complete it themselves.  Therefore I will be holding a special class on Tuesday 11th April, 2017.  This class is definitely for those who have had some experience with the Azza technique and would like to extend themselves a little.  (If you have not attended a class before, please contact me to arrange a techniques class on some other day).

While the layout below looks tricky, don’t be intimidated.  We will be going through the construction step-by-step.  You will have the ‘original’ to touch and understand how it works.

The page/s to be completed involve a double page and a single page.  The single page is cut into a circle to attach to the front of the double page.  The stencil used is Bilbao-Macau.

The first photo shows the double page closed – the white circle is attached on the front and swivels as shown in the second photo.  The third photo shows it swivelled completely flat.  The lower two photos show the inside of the opened double page.

Photos you need to bring:

The sample shown uses 5 photos on the front and 4 photos inside.  You can see that you can very easily add more photos if you like, but this would be the minimum.  Check out your photos and think about you design beforehand.  Note the use of horizontal and vertical photos, though the actual layout can be varied.  This layout could be used with ANY theme – children, travel, special event.

Requirements for the page:

The page uses one double page, 1 single page and 2 sheets A4 paper (one sheet A4 paper is the same colour as the single page used to make the circle, the other is background decoration).  If you do not have your own pages to bring, these are available for sale (double page $4.60, single page $1.75).  Please decide on your colours before the class and let me know when you book, so all is ready for you.

The stencil used is Bilbao-Macau.  Bring this with you if you have it, or purchase for $29.50.

Duration and Cost:

In order to be able to get close to completing this project, this class will run from 9:00am to 3:00pm, with a short break for lunch (bring a sandwich, coffee/tea provided).  Cost of this extended class is $40.00.

This should be a really fun class so make sure you email me (anitas. or text me (0416 091 108) to book in.  All classes are stress-free! and you are sure to go home with a fabulous page for everyone to marvel at and tell you how clever you are!


April update

13 Apr

How the year gets away from you!

Finally, here is my favourite from this year’s Christmas layouts.  This one uses Fiji – the studio kit that was released in February.  It’s a multi-page layout and took a while to complete because it’s actually 6 pages.  It was fun, though.  The pages used are a double page in Mist plus a single page in Mist.  This isn’t as tricky as it looks and probably better viewed than seen in a flat photo.  The scalloped edge was drawn with the Fiji stencil then cut with tweezer scissors.  I hope you can get the gist of the layout in flat photos.

Christmas 1

First viewing – pages closed.

Christmas 2

First page opened to the left – inside left page

Christmas 5

Right hand page before being folded out.

Christmas 4

Inside right page, after right hand side opened out..

Christmas 3

Inside centre page

Back page

Back page

The frieze is from Ethnics, coloured with yellow and orange ink.  The stamps are the Swedish Christmas stamps – a great favourite of mine.

The new studio kit, Bilboa-Macau, is proving very popular as it has just that right combination of curves and circles.  More on this later.

Please note the new class dates on the right hand side of this blog.  There will be no classes in May and will resume on Tuesday 16th June.  This is after the Brisbane Scrapbooking Convention from 6-8 June.  Also, don’t forget to get your entries in to the scrapbooking section of the Mudgeeraba Show, 27/28 June.

More later ………….


January sale a great success

17 Jan

Hi everyone,

The January sale has been a great success and so quite a few products have already sold out.  You can tell at a glance if that is the case, as the box at the bottom of the product photo says ‘READ MORE’ rather than ‘ADD TO CART’.  We would like to have a more visible indication and will work on this!

Please check the website any time you need product information or for more layout ideas.

My photos have arrived and I have started making some fun pages!  I will show them to you on 1st February – because I have used the new stencil due to be released on 1st February and I can’t show if before then!  Needless to say the pages are about Christmas with the family, which is what most people are scrapping now.

If you need to get photos printed, I have seen an ad about Harvey Norman having their 9c prints again.  I don’t have shares in Harvey Norman but this is a good deal.  They still use the good quality printing techniques so deserve some recognition.

I hope to see more of you in classes this year – I know some have been meaning to get into their scrapping!  Remember that you can contact me (or any Azza consultant) if you want to acquire products.



Welcome to 2015

4 Jan

Hi everyone – hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year!

No Christmas pages to show you at this stage but I have sent photos to be printed and they should be here this week.

There is a January Sales Flyer floating around at the moment.  I have a hard copy but as yet it isn’t on the website as a document.  If you want to see what is on sale, go to the website, select the Products and you will be able to see the Products in Special.  Apologies for the unprofessional appearance here, but I am slowly learning how to use the website, and I haven’t quite got to that part yet!  There are some fabulous sale items there, so it’s worth a look.  If you would like to purchase any, just email me.  This way, if you want the items mailed to you, it will just cost you the regular postage rather than the $20 flat fee on the website.  That means you can spend more on goodies!

My classes get going again next week.  The first for 2015 is on Tuesday 13th January.  As numbers have started to grow, I will start up a Thursday group this year for those who prefer a Thursday to a Tuesday.  This will start in February, with dates of Tuesday 10th and Thursday 19th February.  As usual, please let me know if you will be attending any class.

In the section on the right of the Posts, I have listed the class dates along with a selection of topics to consider.  As we have some new additions to our merry group, there are some techniques which we need to re-visit or visit for the first time.  As you know, our class is very flexible but there are times when we have a few people who have an interest in a particular technique or theme, and so we should be organised to cater for these.

If the plan for a class is to concentrate on a technique, such as chalking, it may be advisable for participants to have some photos already on a page, awaiting finishing of the page.  That way we can practice the technique, then have pages ready to work on.  This is true of many techniques.  If you are still a little unsure of your layout skills, however, bring your photos and I can offer you some guidance.

Some of you may still be on holidays – just remember to have your photos printed so you are ready to get scrapping again as soon as you have a spare moment.  For the rest of us, it’s back to the grindstone tomorrow, wondering where the festive season went!

I hope to see you soon!


December news

25 Nov

Hi ladies,

Pages, Southport, was a lovely show.  Thank you to all who dropped by to chat and see what’s new.  Mary came on Saturday to help out (could not have one it without you, Mary!) and Rachel assisted on Sunday.

We have a new Christmas catalogue just released.  You can download this from the website at‐christmas-catalogue.pdf

We have a new Russian Christmas theme pack but have also included our other Christmas products so you can see the full range.

The big news is that we have a new Album range.  These are post and screw albums but the cover folds back so that the screws are not visible – a very classy album!

The ladies decided on some new class dates for December and January.  The December one is close (11th December, a THURSDAY this time), and we start 2015 on Tuesday 13th January.  New members always welcome.

I will put more pages on as time permits!