Special Class in Mudgeeraba

30 Mar

Those who have seen the page below have marvelled at its construction and expressed a desire to complete it themselves.  Therefore I will be holding a special class on Tuesday 11th April, 2017.  This class is definitely for those who have had some experience with the Azza technique and would like to extend themselves a little.  (If you have not attended a class before, please contact me to arrange a techniques class on some other day).

While the layout below looks tricky, don’t be intimidated.  We will be going through the construction step-by-step.  You will have the ‘original’ to touch and understand how it works.

The page/s to be completed involve a double page and a single page.  The single page is cut into a circle to attach to the front of the double page.  The stencil used is Bilbao-Macau.

The first photo shows the double page closed – the white circle is attached on the front and swivels as shown in the second photo.  The third photo shows it swivelled completely flat.  The lower two photos show the inside of the opened double page.

Photos you need to bring:

The sample shown uses 5 photos on the front and 4 photos inside.  You can see that you can very easily add more photos if you like, but this would be the minimum.  Check out your photos and think about you design beforehand.  Note the use of horizontal and vertical photos, though the actual layout can be varied.  This layout could be used with ANY theme – children, travel, special event.

Requirements for the page:

The page uses one double page, 1 single page and 2 sheets A4 paper (one sheet A4 paper is the same colour as the single page used to make the circle, the other is background decoration).  If you do not have your own pages to bring, these are available for sale (double page $4.60, single page $1.75).  Please decide on your colours before the class and let me know when you book, so all is ready for you.

The stencil used is Bilbao-Macau.  Bring this with you if you have it, or purchase for $29.50.

Duration and Cost:

In order to be able to get close to completing this project, this class will run from 9:00am to 3:00pm, with a short break for lunch (bring a sandwich, coffee/tea provided).  Cost of this extended class is $40.00.

This should be a really fun class so make sure you email me (anitas. azzaworld@gmail.com) or text me (0416 091 108) to book in.  All classes are stress-free! and you are sure to go home with a fabulous page for everyone to marvel at and tell you how clever you are!


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