2020 ALBUM

10 Apr

With the release of the 21×30 pages and album this year, I have decided that the best use of the MDF album is as a snapshot of events in 2020. The aim is that everyone in the family should be shown as well as major family events, so in years to come we can see the album as a snapshot of the family at this time. The start of the album was shown at a Retreat we held back at the start of March at Brookfield.

I began the year with the usual family events, but wanted the album to show those photos that we think are just ‘capturing the moment’. Here’s the cover and the first few pages.

These pages were created using the 21×30 stencil Loire designed especially for these albums.

The page I have just added, shown below, uses the 30×30 stencil Zurich. This means only part of the stencil was selected but you can really use any stencil on any size page by choosing specific elements to highlight. Unfortunately this page was added to explain the lack of photos from our planned trip to Europe which had to be cancelled. In the coming weeks I will add pages to show how the family copes with home schooling and other facets of isolation.

With an inability to conduct classes, anyone wishing to learn more about AZZA Scrapbooking will need to book in for an online class. We may as well use our time productively and get more of our photos archived.

While catching up on my own scrapping, I have added this page to our 2019 trip album again using the Zurich stencil. This is the first page on a delightful little village in western Italy where we stayed in a B&B in the grounds of an old chapel that is many hundreds of years old. We have certainly stayed in some interesting places. This was on the way to a farmstay where they make Parmesano Reggiano cheese, but that is another story!

Stay safe, stay healthy and keep scrapping those memories. Before you know it we will be out of isolation and that means less time to scrap.


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