Anita Day is a certified Azza Consultant (AU020) originally based on the Gold Coast but now moved to Maleny.

Her qualification level is 4 Feathers, (the highest number in the Azza system) meaning she is qualified to lead workshops in:

Introductory Level :

Page Design Techniques – balance, grouping

Basic Page Embellishments – borders, decorative stencils, titles, figures, die-cuts, embossing

Advanced Level:

Chalking – using chalks and chalk pencils

Bevelled Pens – for borders, journalling, decorative stencils

Inking – using daubers and brushes, shading

Figures – laces, frames, friezes, deco stencils

Decorative Stencils – using chalk, inks, pens

Background Papers – to balance a layout and support the photos

Stamping – decorations to complete your page

Titles and Comments – to provide the essential details.

Dry embossinga subtle embellishment

Animated Pages – pages that fold out, fold in, fold up or are just special.

Texture products – such as sand, ribbons etc.

The European Style of Scrapbooking is photo-oriented rather than embellishment-oriented.  The photos are grouped to tell a story, often supported by journalling, though this may not be necessary for the story to be understood.

The method features an ‘interlock’ technique that provides a uniform space between photos, so that each photo is seen separately.

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