Workshops Update:

23 Jul

Thank you to the lovely ladies of Kingaroy for your hospitality and enthusiasm when Robyn and I attended your workshop last Sunday.  Your next workshop with Robyn is already scheduled, so keep up the good work!

I have decided to make the TUESDAY WORKSHOPS a more regular event so that we can plan our time a bit better, and enjoy more of each others’ company.  These will now be held roughly every 2 weeks, with the first scheduled for 30th July (next Tuesday), then on 13th and 27th August.  You can come for a morning scrap, or bring a sandwich and spend the day.  Water, Tea and coffee are always available.  Send in your requests for topics or just bring your latest photos or projects.  Start time is 9:30am.  Mark these dates in your diary.  Email if you are intending to come if you can, so that way I can contact you in case there is a problem.  Otherwise, workshops will always be on as this will be set aside in my diary as my time in the craft room!

For those who cannot attend during the week, one SATURDAY a month is reserved in my diary, and the next is Saturday 27th July.  This will also be at 9:30am, and you will need to email me if you are coming.

HOMESHOP is an opportunity for you to have a look at the range or pick up something you need, without any compulsion to attend a workshop.  As I work from home, these hours are flexible.  Please just phone me to arrange a time to come out to beautiful Mudgeeraba.  I would hate for you to drop in just when I am out to the Post Office.

I will be finishing off some pages on the weekend, so will post these shortly afterwards.  Most of my photos at the moment are of my fabulous grandsons but the layouts generally suit almost any photos.

Enjoy your scrapping,


Mudgeeraba Show

26 Jun

The fabulous country show at Mudgeeraba is on this weekend (29th and 30th June) and I am having a stall there for the first time.  I am pretty excited about it all and hoping that some of you will come and say hello.  I will have a few things there to sell, including the new products shown below, so if you would like to check them out, see me there.  Also, if you have been meaning to have a look at how the style is created, but haven’t made it to a workshop yet, call in and I’ll give you a quick run-through.

The new stencil that I must show you is called BAHAMAS.  It comes complete with a studio and is the first of a new series.  The two stencils in the duo feature one which is similar to a KIT of the type of Rev, Decouvre etc, while the second stencil is a little more complex.  The studio, as usual, devotes 3 pages to each stencil.  The difference with the way the new studios is marketed is that the studio comes complete with a pair of stencils inside the wrapping.  You will be able to purchase the stencil pair separately, but not the studio.  This means that if you want the studio, you have to buy it at the same time as the stencil – you can’t buy the stencil now and then later buy the studio as a separate item.


The Bahamas studio has some really interesting layouts for you to try.  I have completed one that I can show you now, and another is waiting for the finishing touches.


Of course, the man reason for making the page was to record the story of when my grandson discovered the delights of the bubble bath, but there is no harm in having fun while you do it!

(If you are interested, the stamp is TAM 473 SPLASH.  The duck swim ring was stamped on card, cut out and attached in 3D)

In addition, I have had some more fun with Brussels – Mexico.  I still have some great photos from my January trip, and this page show a beautiful garden in the middle of the old part of the city of Grenoble, towards the south of France.  It was very cold when we were there but the city is beautiful.


This layout uses the new page colour, Nubuck.  If you look closely, the snowflakes were created using Versamark ink and the stamp TAM 515 Winter Celebrations.  The large one has a few strokes with a white gel pen.

I love this use of the stencil, where the square photo is set into a rotated square of backing paper.  If you want to try this, I would seriously recommend that you use the Set Squares stencils.  It made lining everything up a breeze. (there are easy ways to do most things, if you work at it!).

Now, I have another page to show you using an older stencil KIT 213  Decouvre.  I wanted to try out the stamp TAM 463 Birth because I loved the rabbit!  You will note that two rabbits are stamped straight onto the page, and the large rabbit is stamped onto card, cut out and attached, but not in 3D this time.


In addition to Bahamas, there is a new package called Dream Holidays which has been released. This is like some of the Baskets that we used to have, but this one will remain as a special collection available all the time.  The individual products will be available separately in July.

The package is a combination of decorative elements – deco stencil, laces, pin-wheels, stamps etc and a 20-page Book.  The book shows you how to make best use of the decorative items on your pages and is a great resource. Unfortunately the book will not be available separately, only as the package. The package, KIT 524, is $75.



There is a special for the next month for those wishing to purchase both the new Bahamas studio and stencils, and the Holidays package – $105 which is a saving of $10 and you also get a 125 point Azza Club card.  If you want them mailed, postage is $6.95.

The next workshop is our Tuesday workshop on 2nd July – all welcome.

Enjoy your scrapping!


June Newsletter

31 May

This weekend (31st May, 1st June) the biggest annual event for Azza in Europe will take place in Brussels.  It is a convention for Azza consultants where the latest products are released and consultants get to try them out before they are released for sale.  Therefore we do not have any new products to show you, yet!

In the meantime I have been having fun with one of my favourite stencils (my other new favourite is Brussels-Mexico that I have already shown you).  This one is London-Rio.  Whereas Brussels-Mexico is all straight lines, London-Rio has the most intriguing asymmetrical curves!  These are the two stencils:


This stencil duo also comes with a studio to give you ideas.  You can see a few pages I have created using these stencils in the Gallery – Orient Express.  My latest creation is one of those ‘proud grandmother’ pages, so you will have to bear with me.

London-Rio stencil and stamps from the Garden series, TAM 478

London-Rio stencil and stamps from the Garden series, TAM 478

Remember when composing your page that the balance of the page is better if the larger subjects are towards the bottom of the page and vice versa.  The Garden stamp set, TAM 478, was used for the decoration, along with inking using a brush for the green outline effect.  If you want to learn how to create this page or these embellishments, book in for a workshop!

While there are no new products at the moment, there is a promotion that may interest you if you have school-age children you want to encourage to share your scrapping passion.  Especially with the school holidays coming up in a few weeks, you might want something to keep them busy.  As well, if there is enough interest, I could run a week-day session with school-age children.

The product is the Azza Kidz series.  This is made up of a starter kit KIT 700 and a series of Theme kits which form a subscription series.  The first is Winter, followed by Animals and the third, about to be released, is called Friendship.  The special promotion is that if you purchase a 3 x bi-monthly theme pack series, you get the theme pack Winter as a 4th pack free.  This special offer only applies for the month of June.  If you are interested in this, or would like more information about the Azza Kidz products, email me or give me a call.

Azza Kidz Starter Kit, KIT 700

Azza Kidz Starter Kit, KIT 700Azza Kidz Theme pack, Animals

Azza Kidz Theme pack, Animals

My June workshops are shown on the side, but if you have any queries, just contact me.

Happy Scrapping




28 May

Last week I went to Perth for the show at the Perth Convention Centre.  It was a fabulous 5-day event and I enjoyed that beautiful city as much as I did in 2011.  As this is the only craft show in Perth for the year, it is always HUGE.  It was great to see some repeat customers coming back for more and a few so keen they decided to join our team!  With 3 consultants already trained and active in Perth it looks like I may not get to go next year!

On the long weekend, 8, 9 and 10 June, we will have our usual stand at the PAPERCRAFT CONVENTION at the Brisbane Convention Centre.  Please come along and say hello.  This is always one of our busiest shows of the year.

Speaking of shows, I am excited to report that I will be having a stand at this year’s MUDGEERABA SHOW.  I have been tempted to in the past and have taken the plunge in 2013.  It’s on Saturday and Sunday, 29th and 30th June.  I love the country shows and Mudgeeraba always has spectacular wood chopping and ring events that are a treat.  It would be nice to see some entries in the scrapbooking section from you all!  Don’t be shy!  My stand will be in one of the pavilions over towards the wood-chop.  I will have some supplies for purchase, especially kits and the new Orient Express stencils and studios.

I have added some new layouts in the Gallery, creating new pages for Ellipse and PiR2, and adding a few new layouts in the Orient Express page.  Check out the Ellipse of my daughter Katie getting ready for her wedding, and the Rome-Tokyo page I entered in the Gold Coast show in 2011.  These are not new layouts and those who have attended my workshops may recognise them, but they will be new to others.  I’ll have a new layout to show you soon – my grandson Jack exploring his other grandma’s yard.  I’m just adding a few more stamps then it will be ready to add to the gallery.  I was too busy at the Perth show to finish it!

Enjoy your scrapping!


More Fun with Brussels – Mexico.

7 May

The new Brussels – Mexico stencil duo is continuing to be a lot of fun, and is very popular with those at my workshops.  I have finished the page I was doing with Brussels:

GAB 706 Brussels.  Leaves completed with stamps plus frame figure.

GAB 706 Brussels. Leaves completed with stamps plus frame figure.

The photos were take at the Summit winery at Applethorpe, Queensland.  I can recommend the wines!

Remember that when using any of these stencils, the stencil is just the starting point.  You work out where your photos are best suited, and which parts of the stencil you are going to use.  There is no ‘must’ about using any of the sections.

We had a lot of fun at our workshop today and Kristie has agreed to let me show you her latest creation.  She has also used Brussels (from the Brussels-Mexico duo) and it looks quite different.

Kristie - GAB 706 Brussels

Kristie – GAB 706 Brussels

Kristie did a great job with the embellishments – stamp using versamark ink and chalk, and a silhouette snowflake figure.  My ‘phone’ photo doesn’t do the page justice.

The new book, Multiple Pages 2, has a lot of other ideas for this and other stencils, as does the latest edition of the Scrap & Moi  Magazine, #23.  I would recommend re-reading your ideas books focussing on different things each time.  For example, browse concentrating on just the borders and see the variety you can come up with.  Then sketch your  favourites so you can flick through and refresh your memory when you need inspiration to finish a page.  You want your pages to look fresh and new, so you need to find new ways to finish them off.  We never stop learning.

With any luck, the next edition of the Scrap & Moi magazine, #24 due out in July,  will feature some pages from Australia!  There is a competition just closing for pages completed with Brussels – Mexico on the theme ‘Vacation’.  So far Australian Azza Consultants have sent 15 – 20 entries in, so we are hoping for a good representation!  Topics range from beach holidays, desert expeditions, winery visits, fishing trips, ocean cruises – you name it!

Enjoy your scrapping with Azza!


New products for April 2013

24 Apr


All my clients will be pleased they no longer need to go to the Azza website to view a catalogue, or download a very heavy file to print out.  The new Azza Pacific catalogue, printed in Australia, is in A5 format.  You can pick up copies from me or email me to have your copy mailed.  Cost of the catalogue is $2. (Postage is $1.80)


I really like the new Orient Express stencil duo, Brussels – Mexico.  It’s a good choice for those who would like some straight lines after all the recent curved stencils.  I must admit, though, that I still like to use London – Rio.  There’s something about those curves that appeal to me.

Here’s what Brussels – Mexico looks like:



I currently have 2 pages underway, one with each side of the stencil.  Here’s my effort with Mexico:

AU020 Anita Day (Australia)

This was created using inks and brushes to shade around the pelican, a stamp from Forest for the trees and the Alphabet stencil Eva.  I had great fun adding the clouds in white!  I just love INKS!

As this site grows, I will be making pages for galleries of layouts using various stencils and layout ideas.

Welcome to my new Blog

22 Apr

On these pages, I hope to be able to share ideas for your scrapping, inform you of the latest news in the world of Azza and keep up to date with workshop dates. In the archived pages you will be able to view pages based on themes or the stencil used to create them.

The main news is that we now have an Australian-published catalogue. Contact me to receive your copy – only $2 plus postage.

This blog is just getting started so please be patient!