More Fun with Brussels – Mexico.

7 May

The new Brussels – Mexico stencil duo is continuing to be a lot of fun, and is very popular with those at my workshops.  I have finished the page I was doing with Brussels:

GAB 706 Brussels.  Leaves completed with stamps plus frame figure.

GAB 706 Brussels. Leaves completed with stamps plus frame figure.

The photos were take at the Summit winery at Applethorpe, Queensland.  I can recommend the wines!

Remember that when using any of these stencils, the stencil is just the starting point.  You work out where your photos are best suited, and which parts of the stencil you are going to use.  There is no ‘must’ about using any of the sections.

We had a lot of fun at our workshop today and Kristie has agreed to let me show you her latest creation.  She has also used Brussels (from the Brussels-Mexico duo) and it looks quite different.

Kristie - GAB 706 Brussels

Kristie – GAB 706 Brussels

Kristie did a great job with the embellishments – stamp using versamark ink and chalk, and a silhouette snowflake figure.  My ‘phone’ photo doesn’t do the page justice.

The new book, Multiple Pages 2, has a lot of other ideas for this and other stencils, as does the latest edition of the Scrap & Moi  Magazine, #23.  I would recommend re-reading your ideas books focussing on different things each time.  For example, browse concentrating on just the borders and see the variety you can come up with.  Then sketch your  favourites so you can flick through and refresh your memory when you need inspiration to finish a page.  You want your pages to look fresh and new, so you need to find new ways to finish them off.  We never stop learning.

With any luck, the next edition of the Scrap & Moi magazine, #24 due out in July,  will feature some pages from Australia!  There is a competition just closing for pages completed with Brussels – Mexico on the theme ‘Vacation’.  So far Australian Azza Consultants have sent 15 – 20 entries in, so we are hoping for a good representation!  Topics range from beach holidays, desert expeditions, winery visits, fishing trips, ocean cruises – you name it!

Enjoy your scrapping with Azza!


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