June Newsletter

31 May

This weekend (31st May, 1st June) the biggest annual event for Azza in Europe will take place in Brussels.  It is a convention for Azza consultants where the latest products are released and consultants get to try them out before they are released for sale.  Therefore we do not have any new products to show you, yet!

In the meantime I have been having fun with one of my favourite stencils (my other new favourite is Brussels-Mexico that I have already shown you).  This one is London-Rio.  Whereas Brussels-Mexico is all straight lines, London-Rio has the most intriguing asymmetrical curves!  These are the two stencils:


This stencil duo also comes with a studio to give you ideas.  You can see a few pages I have created using these stencils in the Gallery – Orient Express.  My latest creation is one of those ‘proud grandmother’ pages, so you will have to bear with me.

London-Rio stencil and stamps from the Garden series, TAM 478

London-Rio stencil and stamps from the Garden series, TAM 478

Remember when composing your page that the balance of the page is better if the larger subjects are towards the bottom of the page and vice versa.  The Garden stamp set, TAM 478, was used for the decoration, along with inking using a brush for the green outline effect.  If you want to learn how to create this page or these embellishments, book in for a workshop!

While there are no new products at the moment, there is a promotion that may interest you if you have school-age children you want to encourage to share your scrapping passion.  Especially with the school holidays coming up in a few weeks, you might want something to keep them busy.  As well, if there is enough interest, I could run a week-day session with school-age children.

The product is the Azza Kidz series.  This is made up of a starter kit KIT 700 and a series of Theme kits which form a subscription series.  The first is Winter, followed by Animals and the third, about to be released, is called Friendship.  The special promotion is that if you purchase a 3 x bi-monthly theme pack series, you get the theme pack Winter as a 4th pack free.  This special offer only applies for the month of June.  If you are interested in this, or would like more information about the Azza Kidz products, email me or give me a call.

Azza Kidz Starter Kit, KIT 700

Azza Kidz Starter Kit, KIT 700Azza Kidz Theme pack, Animals

Azza Kidz Theme pack, Animals

My June workshops are shown on the side, but if you have any queries, just contact me.

Happy Scrapping



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  1. Heather Greenfield 2 June, 2013 at 12:32 am #

    I love your page with te grandson Heather

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