Welcome to 2015

4 Jan

Hi everyone – hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year!

No Christmas pages to show you at this stage but I have sent photos to be printed and they should be here this week.

There is a January Sales Flyer floating around at the moment.  I have a hard copy but as yet it isn’t on the website as a document.  If you want to see what is on sale, go to the website, select the Products and you will be able to see the Products in Special.  Apologies for the unprofessional appearance here, but I am slowly learning how to use the website, and I haven’t quite got to that part yet!  There are some fabulous sale items there, so it’s worth a look.  If you would like to purchase any, just email me.  This way, if you want the items mailed to you, it will just cost you the regular postage rather than the $20 flat fee on the website.  That means you can spend more on goodies!

My classes get going again next week.  The first for 2015 is on Tuesday 13th January.  As numbers have started to grow, I will start up a Thursday group this year for those who prefer a Thursday to a Tuesday.  This will start in February, with dates of Tuesday 10th and Thursday 19th February.  As usual, please let me know if you will be attending any class.

In the section on the right of the Posts, I have listed the class dates along with a selection of topics to consider.  As we have some new additions to our merry group, there are some techniques which we need to re-visit or visit for the first time.  As you know, our class is very flexible but there are times when we have a few people who have an interest in a particular technique or theme, and so we should be organised to cater for these.

If the plan for a class is to concentrate on a technique, such as chalking, it may be advisable for participants to have some photos already on a page, awaiting finishing of the page.  That way we can practice the technique, then have pages ready to work on.  This is true of many techniques.  If you are still a little unsure of your layout skills, however, bring your photos and I can offer you some guidance.

Some of you may still be on holidays – just remember to have your photos printed so you are ready to get scrapping again as soon as you have a spare moment.  For the rest of us, it’s back to the grindstone tomorrow, wondering where the festive season went!

I hope to see you soon!


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